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Can One Doctor Save America
a Billion Dollars?
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February 24, 2010
Can One Doctor Save America a Billion Dollars?
Day 1
- by Cynthia J Koelker, MD
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Today I begin my quest to save America a billion dollars.
I didn’t start out with that goal in mind. I just wanted to write a book – a book to help my patients save money on healthcare.
But then I started thinking. So far the politicians haven’t saved us a dime. How could they? They’re in the business of spending our money, not saving it. 
There had to be a better way. The answer must come from within the medical community, I thought. What can I, a single doctor, do to save America healthcare dollars?
I can start where I am, I decided. I have my book. A billion dollars – it seems impossible.  But that’s less than $5 a person. That’s not impossible. Still, I’ve only sold 500 books, and owe MasterCard for a few thousand more.
Can you help me? You don’t have to buy 101 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare. Borrow it from your local library. Share it with your family, your friends, your neighbors.
But if you do want a copy of your own, you’ll find it will save you far more than the cost of the book.   
Today I start my journey, my crusade to save America a billion dollars.
And when I figure out how to track the results, I’ll post it on my website,
Doctors, won’t you join me?  Let’s bring some common sense to the table.  
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In the beginning was the Word
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